Thursday, March 29, 2012

Color And Nature As Inspiration

When I'm feeling like I don't have an artistic bone in my body, I look to color to re-energize and gain inspiration.

Dragging out my beads and looking at all the different colors is very therapeutic for me. Nature is also a great inspiration...I can catch a glimpse of color somewhere and it will spark an idea that will percolate and eventually make it to a finished piece.

The color of the water in Hawaii is one of my greatest inspirations. I just love how many different colors the water is depending on what is on the bottom and what the sky conditions are. There is the dark turquoise of the deeper water and closer to shore where there is coral or rocks, they show kind of red/brown under turquoise. Then when there is a sandy bottom the most lovely, want to wallow in it, light turquoise blue you have ever seen. Flying into Honolulu, Oahu the first time was so magical. I had a window seat and as we navigated around the Island, I could only gape at the rich color I was seeing. Two of my personal bracelets that I wear all the time were inspired by these colors and the waves. One has beautiful blue Amazonite beads that I wire wrapped together with Sterling Silver wire, and the other I made from Sterling Silver heavy gauge wire and has links in the shape of waves (my interpretation). I wear both of them together on the same wrist and when I look at the color and waves, it makes me happy!

Flowers are another great inspiration. When I go anywhere and there are flowers, I just have to take pictures. The color combinations are endless and break all the so called color rules. Colors that would look fake if painted are present in nature all the time.

I guess it all boils down to taking the time to just slow down, taking off the blinders, being open and seeing the endless possibilities.

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