Saturday, April 7, 2012

Such Beautiful Flowering Trees!

This time of year is such an inspiration for me. Spring is here, everything is fresh and new and with all the flowering trees in full bloom, beauty is everywhere you look. The neighborhood flower gardens are looking fabulous with bright drifts of color so even on dull overcast days, there are still many reasons to smile.

These flowering trees remind me of piles of pearl strands. I love pearls! All the different colors and shapes of pearls that are available now are just amazing.
I can't go into a bead shop where there are pearls and not touch them. Well, to be honest, I have to touch all the beads! I love to feel the texture and shape of the pearls and/or gemstones and imagine what beautiful piece of jewelry I can make with them. When I'm holding the strands, I am quickly going through my inventory in my head and figuring out what goes with the strand I'm holding or if I can combine it somehow with my chainmaille weaves. Then the practical side chimes in with the little details like, if they are cut in an unusual shape, is the shape too pointy and will it hurt to wear the piece if I use them. And how many pieces can I make with this one strand, how many beads are really usable on the strand (because there are always some that can't be used for one reason or quality control person is a tough one!) If I need to use the beads for necklaces or can they be used for bracelets too, because some pearls and gemstones just don't work well for bracelets due to hole size and fragility. And last is do I already have something similar, if so, do I really NEED this particular strand.  OK, the last point doesn't really matter, because if the strand passes all the other inspections, by that time I've convinced myself I do need it!

Nature is inspiration!

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